Johnson Center teams help Bosch Community Fund evaluate its impact and funding

by Amber Erickson, M.S.W.  //  Community Research Institute

The Community Research Institute (CRI) and the Institute for Foundation and Donor Learning (IFDL) have partnered for a project with the Bosch Community Fund (BCF). BCF was established in 2012 and has granted more than $11 million in 33 communities across the country. Their primary areas of grantmaking are Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) education and environmental sustainability.

Amber Erickson

As a grantmaker, BCF is interested in better understanding the impact of their funding, and in partnership, CRI and IFDL are uniquely positioned to do this work. The project team is developing strategies to review and assess BCF’s portfolio of grantees to systematically categorize the different types of programs BCF is funding, as well as the types of outcomes these programs are poised to achieve based on their activities and areas of focus. The end result will be the development of a process and tool that will aid BCF in collecting meaningful evaluation data from grantees — data that can then be used to assess the impact in their different funding areas.

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