Community Research Summit
The Community Research Summit gives nonprofit and community leaders an exclusive look at results from the annual VoiceGR Community Survey, which captured the voices of over 3,000 greater Grand Rapids residents in 2013.

The Summit is designed to give participants an overview of the results of VoiceGR and a chance to have conversations about using the data in their work. Participants hear the story of the data and its effects on the work organizations do in our community. Sharing stories surrounding the people and social conditions of West Michigan enables organizations to be more effective in their work, broadening their scope of impact.

This Summit gives participants the opportunity to explore data driven decision-making and using community data in their work.

The first Community Research Summit took place in March 2014. To expound on the Summit and on the survey data, we connect with neighborhood based organizations around Grand Rapids to hold community conversations with their neighbors about the data and how truly it accurately reflects their lives.

During each session, facilitators will encourage participants to ask questions and to share their opinions on topics reflected in the VoiceGR survey.

2014 Community Conversations included:

If you are interested in hosting a community conversation, please contact Kallie Bauer at or call 616-331-7311.

You can also join the community conversation regarding the survey on your favorite social media platform, just search #VoiceGRSurvey.

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