Kyle Caldwell

Inclusion as a Practice in the Philanthropic Sector

Inclusion as a Practice in the Philanthropic Sector by Kyle Caldwell  //  Executive Director, Johnson Center for Philanthropy Today, America is dealing with a crisis that is pitting the core values that formed our Republic against our need for safety and certainty. Immigration and security issues have reappeared, as they

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Fair Food Network

Good Works: A Story About Fair Food Network

Fair Food Network is a national nonprofit founded on the belief that vibrant local food systems can create health and economic opportunity for all. With a diverse network of partners, it develops solutions that support farmers, strengthen local economies, and increase access to healthy food—especially in underserved communities.

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Letter from the Editor — Our State of Generosity

Dear Reader, When 1972 dawned, Michigan’s philanthropic sector was significant, but largely unorganized. The sector was divided into subsectors of health, education, human services, arts and culture, and religion, none of which communicated well with the others. Michigan’s government did little to encourage its givers and its volunteers.

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Our State of Generosity —

The Dorothy A. Johnson Center for Philanthropy is launching Our State of Generosity (OSoG), an online platform that explores the past 40 years of Michigan’s philanthropic sector and its leadership. is a joint effort of the Council of Michigan Foundations, Michigan Nonprofit Association, Michigan Community Service Commission, and the Johnson

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