VoiceGR is an evolving survey, designed uniquely to connect demographics with opinions and perceptions of greater Grand Rapids area residents. VoiceGR is meant to be a baseline to stimulate conversation on pertinent issues to our region.

Nonprofit program managers, public officials, grantmakers, and community leaders can use the VoiceGR results to inform their work. CRI has just completed data collection for VoiceGR 2014. Results will be available in March, 2015. Please join us for the Community Research Summit on March 12, 2015 where we will unveil the results and begin our Community Conversations. More information will be posted here on the Community Research Summit and other 2015 Community Conversations in the near future.

Click 2013 Survey Results to explore an interactive map of last year’s results, read about the methods behind the survey, and examine data in the area that interests you or your organization most.

You can also join the community conversation regarding the survey on your favorite social media platform, just search #VoiceGRSurvey.

Does your organization want to participate in the 2015 VoiceGR survey by purchasing questions or helping to gather responses? If you are interested in supporting the survey next year or have questions you’d like to explore in future surveys send Kallie Bauer an email at kallie.bauer@gvsu.edu or call 616-331-7311.