VoiceGR 2016

VoiceGR is a community survey that aims to assess greater Grand Rapids residents’ attitudes, perceptions, and opinions. The primary goal of VoiceGR is to provide objective data to residents, nonprofits, governments, businesses, and other decision makers regarding the perceptions and needs of the community. The hope is to provide easily accessible data to inform decisions. A key to making informed decisions is disaggregating data. Disaggregation refers to splitting results as a whole into their subgroups, such as splitting by racial/ethnic groups or genders to look for differences between groups. If we only look at whole city or county level survey results, we fail to see the diversity in the experiences and perceptions of the various subgroups of the population.

2016 VoiceGR survey responses were collected between June 2016 and December 2016. The Community Research Institute selects a core group of questions to ask each year and also partners with a select number of local nonprofit organizations toinclude questions that they are interested in. To view all of the questions asked on the survey, view the 2016 VoiceGR survey. For 2016, VoiceGR responses were collected using mixed methods — paper surveys collected at community events and online surveys distributed in a variety of ways. To learn more, view the VoiceGR methodology.

To explore the 2016 VoiceGR survey results, check out our Tableau Public viz tool and interactive map tool. Both data tools will allow for information to be presented in various disaggregated levels including race/ethnicity, gender, education level, and geography. To view and explore key highlights from the 2016 results, check out the data briefs below. These briefs also highlight current topics in the community and dive deeper into the data by looking at data from previous years (if available) or by incorporating more complex analyses.

Data Briefs

Use these text and graphic summaries to build on your understanding of a specific topic, in addition to what is presented in the data visualization tools.

Key Findings
Neighborhood Strengths & Problems

Use this tool to interact with data in stacked bar charts and disaggregate all survey results by demographics.

Use this tool to map data and disaggregate survey results by demographic filters.

VoiceGR is a product of the Dorothy A. Johnson Center for Philanthropy.