Tableau Public Visualization Tool

Explore VoiceGR 2016 results in the area that interests you or your organization most through this interactive Tableau Public viz tool.

Click here to view the interactive results!

How does the content in this interactive tool work?

  1. Click on the survey section/topic buttons on the horizontal scrolling bar at the top of the tool to view questions related to that section/topic. The survey sections/topic buttons with “theme” in the heading contain data for open-ended questions on the survey. Click here for detailed information about the open-ended questions.
  2. Question: Select a survey question within the survey section. Some question text was shortened within the tool. For full question text, download the survey by clicking here.
  3. Split By: Choose the participant characteristics you are interested in splitting the results by. Click here for more detailed instructions.
  4. Bar charts: Displays the survey results of interest.
  5. Responses: Displays the color key for the survey question response options in the bar charts.
  6. Detailed information: Hover over the results to see what each piece of the bar chart refers to.
  7. Total: Displays the number of participants for each row.
  8. Grand Total: Displays the overall results for all participants who answered that question.