VoiceKent and VoiceGR

The aim of VoiceKent (previously known as VoiceGR) is to produce a reliable collection of data about Kent County’s residents that can be used by local organizations, scholars, and individuals to help them make discoveries and decisions about their lives. In past years, the Johnson Center has produced several issue reports and digital tools to make it easier for community stakeholders to explore that data. Our intention was to do the same with the information we collected in 2017, however, due to some personnel and project shifts within the Johnson Center, we are putting our own work regarding VoiceKent on hold for the time being.

We are eager to make our data useful for partners and scholars wishing to analyze and learn from our community responses. In fact, 2017 survey data has already been used by Grand Valley State University Assistant Professor of Economics Leslie Muller and Kevin Callison, assistant professor of global health management and policy at Tulane University, to produce the West Michigan Healthcare Economic Forecast, for instance. As new projects arise, we will be certain to keep the Kent County community aware of the ways VoiceKent data is informing understanding and decision-making in West Michigan.

Please continue to check this website for additional updates on VoiceKent.

2016 VoiceGR Survey Results

Check out the 2016 Survey Results to explore an interactive map of last year’s results, read about the methods behind the survey, and examine data in the area that interests you or your organization most.

Our Community Partners

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