Giving Back Blog: Appropriate Evaluation

I gave a talk recently at the Indiana Grantmakers Alliance (thanks again, Marie Beason) on the subject, “Can Family Philanthropy be Strategic Philanthropy?”  Not surprisingly, the issue of how smaller foundations – even donor-advised funds or individual family donors – can do more intensive, “strategic” evaluation came up. More and

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Giving Back Blog: Do Other Rich People Agree with Mr. Buffett?

For more posts from Giving Back, Thinking Ahead visit Warren Buffett has gotten quite a bit of attention for his controversial, unforgettable op-ed piece in the New York Times this week, with the let-me-say-this-clearly-so-there’s-no-mistake title, “Stop Coddling the Super-Rich.”  I’m going to avoid the politics of the issue, and focus

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Giving Back Blog: Munificence

For more posts from Giving Back, Thinking Ahead visit I recently heard that the 19-year old pro golfer, Ryo Ishikawa – the so-called “Tiger Woods of Japan” (though he might not want to be called that anymore) – has committed to donatinghis entire winnings this year, plus about $1200 (100,000

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