VoiceKent and VoiceGR

VoiceKent (previously known as VoiceGR) is a community survey offered in partnership with the Kent County Health Department in 2017. The survey is designed uniquely to connect demographics with the opinions, attitudes, and perceptions of Kent County residents on topics such as ability to meet basic needsaccess to healthcareneighborhood safetyemploymenteducation, and racism and discrimination. The data gathered from the survey is meant to help create a baseline to stimulate conversation on pertinent issues to our region.

The primary goal of VoiceKent is to provide objective data to residents, nonprofits, governments, businesses, and other decision makers regarding the perceptions and needs of the community.

The 2017 survey is now closed. Survey results will be released in the spring of 2018.

2016 VoiceGR Survey Results

Check out the 2016 Survey Results to explore an interactive map of last year’s results, read about the methods behind the survey, and examine data in the area that interests you or your organization most.

Our Community Partners

Check out the full list of our community partners here.

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Does your organization want to help gather responses for future VoiceKent surveying?
If you are interested in supporting the survey in the future, please contact Dr. Jodi Petersen at jodi.petersen@gvsu.edu or (616) 331-6692.

Download a VoiceKent Media Kit

Help support and promote the survey through your networks! Download a VoiceKent media kit which includes logos and promotional materials.

To learn more about promoting the VoiceKent survey, to schedule an interview, or to speak with someone at the Johnson Center for Philanthropy about VoiceKent, please call (616) 331-7585.