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  • Photo of three large wooden blocks next to a stack of 16 smaller wooden blocks.

    The Wealth Gap is Becoming a Giving Gap

    by Michael Moody

    The 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) raised concerns across the philanthropic sector that the increased standard deduction would drive down charitable giving. While it will likely be years before we know for certain what, if any, impact TCJA has on Americans’ giving habits, …

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  • Photo: Woman and man collaborating with sticky notes on a whiteboard

    Collaborative Learning

    Teri Behrens, Johnson Center for Philanthropy

    This blog was produced as part of Field Focus: Learning for Good, a three-month digital series to consider the value and practice of learning in philanthropy.

    Vol. 11, Issue 2 of The Foundation Review focuses on on how foundations engage in learning through collaboration with others. This latest issue of …

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Online Tools

  • LearnPhilanthropy

    A marketplace of knowledge, tools, and connections for newcomers. Navigate the field, learn with peers and thought leaders, and improve your grant making.
  • Our State of Generosity

    An online platform to share Michigan’s philanthropic history. Discover milestones that made the state a leader, and get tools for effective philanthropy.
  • Community Profiles 2.0

    Explore housing and economics data in Grand Rapids with this interactive mapping and demographic snapshot tool.
  • VoiceKent & VoiceGR

    An annual community survey designed uniquely to connect demographics with opinions and perceptions of Grand Rapids and Kent County residents.