Community Insight: Your Community, Powerful Insight
An Online Community Data Platform

Community Insight is an interactive, online platform for displaying data about local communities, understanding community opportunities and needs, and targeting efforts for advancing equity.

Community Insight draws on multiple datasets from a range of systems and institutions on topics such as education, health, economic opportunity, population demographics, and more.

Get the most out of Community Insight
For the Casual Explorer
National, Michigan, and Great Lakes-region datasets are available for free and on-demand.
Unique User Profiles
Create your user profile to easily save and share your key areas and datasets of interest. 
Custom Dashboards
Let's build your team a customized, private dashboard featuring specific indicators, data, and branding.

Create your unique profile.

Community Insight is your home base for viewing, comparing, exploring, and tracking data about the communities of greatest interest to you. Create your own personal account to bookmark and revisit key indicators, share custom views of communities and regions with your team and stakeholders, and receive timely notifications whenever new or updated data and new features are added to the platform.

Customized, Private Dashboards for Your Team

Let’s work together to build you and your organization a dashboard on Community Insight — one preset to show you the communities and indicators that are most important to your work and impact.

Options include adding organization- and community-specific data not available to public users, developing and/or preloading specific indicators, designing dashboards with your desired branding, and other value-add services to advance your mission. Contact us to get started!

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We’re always adding new and updated datasets to Community Insight. Current sources include:

National Datasets

  • American Community Survey (ACS)
  • Centers for Disease Control (CDC) Social Vulnerability Index
  • IRS Forms 990

Michigan & Great Lakes Region

  • Michigan Department of Education