Effective Philanthropy

We help donors and foundations nationwide adopt best practices and engage with peers and practitioners in the field. We can tailor our research, knowledge, and training to your needs. Common areas of support include professional development, customized training curricula, strategy and evaluation services, and grantee capacity building. Learn more about our services for foundations and donors.

Strong Nonprofits

We help nonprofit organizations strengthen their teams, tools, and thinking for better impact. Our one-on-one consultation services, trainings, and technical assistance are designed for organizations of all sizes and in all stages of growth. Areas of support include fundraising, governance, strategic planning, collaboration, and more. Learn more about our services for nonprofits.

Informed Community Change

We guide nonprofits, foundations, institutions, and neighborhood groups in using data to do good. Our customized tools and research services collect and interpret national and local data. Working with our partners, we share this original research for use in awareness building, local and regional decision making, program evaluation, and more. Learn more about our community data and research services.

Resources for Learning

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    Online Tools

    • LearnPhilanthropy

      A marketplace of knowledge, tools, and connections for newcomers. Navigate the field, learn with peers and thought leaders, and improve your grant making.

    • Our State of Generosity

      An online platform to share Michigan’s philanthropic history. Discover milestones that made the state a leader, and get tools for effective philanthropy.

    • Community Profiles 2.0

      Explore housing and economics data in Grand Rapids with this interactive mapping and demographic snapshot tool.

    • VoiceKent & VoiceGR

      An annual community survey designed uniquely to connect demographics with opinions and perceptions of Grand Rapids and Kent County residents.


    Johnson Center Blog

    • Thirty years is too long: A Reflection on Advancing Foundation Archives 2019

      Thirty years is too long: A Reflection on Advancing Foundation Archives 2019 By Lori Eaton, Johnson Center for Philanthropy “Thirty years is too long,” was a refrain I heard over and over again at the Advancing Foundation Archives meeting on June 12, 2019. The meeting convened information professionals from across

    • Photo: Women's March in Los Angles, CA (January 21, 2017)

      Nonprofits are Playing a Vital Role in Civic Engagement

      Nonprofits are Playing a Vital Role in Civic Engagement by Tory Martin, Johnson Center for Philanthropy In this piece from our 11 Trends in Philanthropy for 2019 report, Tory Martin highlights the many ways in which nonprofit organizations are playing an increasingly visible role in our political lives — as

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