What trends will affect your work in 2017?

Drawing on our local, national, and international research, tool development, training, and data work, leaders from the Johnson Center have identified 11 key trends that will impact the work of both grantmakers or nonprofit leaders in the months and years to come.

Download and read the full report, featuring all 11 trends, here.

You can also download a snapshot view of the key trends — a one-page infographic for you to print, share, and keep handy throughout the year!

Throughout the year, we will explore each of these trends in depth:

  1. Growth in the number of foundations (coming soon)
  2. Increased focus on place-based change (coming soon)
  3. Awareness of need for increased investment in nonprofit capacity (coming soon)
  4. Increased focus on data and measurable progress for both funders and nonprofits
  5. Continued rise in wealth gap (coming soon)
  6. Transition of wealth and leadership to younger generations (coming soon)
  7. Positive influence of social movement hashtags (coming soon)
  8. Redefined role of philanthropy due to political change and polarization (coming soon)
  9. Growth of global community philanthropy (coming soon)
  10. Growth of crowdfunding and collective giving
  11. Decrease in traditional infrastructure funders
11 Trends for 2017 - Infographic

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11 Trends for 2017

Full Report

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