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Write for us!

Write for us!

The Dorothy A. Johnson Center for Philanthropy is committed to advancing the thinking of philanthropy practitioners and scholars by identifying trends, developing tools, articulating strategies, and disseminating concepts and frameworks. Our blog serves as an accessible, modern platform for this content.

We invite you to share your own original research, professional expertise, and/or exploratory thoughts on the field with our network of philanthropy enthusiasts by contributing to our blog.


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General Guidelines

The Johnson Center’s blog is intended to be a platform by and for philanthropic practitioners and their community and cross-sector partners. We do not commission articles and do not accept submissions from individuals unfamiliar with the field of philanthropy.

Blog posts will vary in length based on format and topic; we ask authors to aim for between 1,000 and 2,000 words total. Please remember that posts perform better when they are accompanied by images and/or graphics, so be thinking of pictures, diagrams, etc. that you may want to include in the full-length piece.

Full posts will be reviewed and potentially edited by the Johnson Center communications staff, but no changes will be made without the author’s consent.

Authors are asked to submit a headshot, professional title and organizational affiliation, and a professional bio of no more than 35 words to accompany their blog.

Style and Citations

The Johnson Center uses The Associated Press Stylebook for most editorial style rules. However, please be aware that the Johnson Center does use the Oxford comma.

For reference citations, please hyperlink data/facts/quotes/reports/etc. to the appropriate online source. Where no online source exists, please provide a citation using The American Psychological Association Formatting and Style Guide.

Re-Posting and/or Cross-Posting

Guest authors are encouraged to re-post their blogs on their own/their organization’s websites. We ask that each post be accompanied by language acknowledging that the post was originally created for and posted by the Johnson Center.

e.g., This post was originally published by the Dorothy A. Johnson Center for Philanthropy on [date]. See the original post here [hyperlink].

Content that appears on the Johnson Center’s blog may be cross-posted/re-posted on other individuals’ and organizations’ websites/blogs. We ask that each post be accompanied by language acknowledging that the post was originally created for and posted by the Johnson Center. (For sample language, see above.)

We ask that all cross-posts be delayed by three business days from the date of original publication — i.e., a blog that is first published on a Monday may be cross-posted beginning on Thursday of the same week.

Not sure what to write about? Consider these topics.

  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion: We see philanthropy as an ecosystem of people and institutions that work together for the common good. But we know that philanthropy (as with many aspects of our society) still has great work to do when it comes to incorporating the principles of diversity, equity, and inclusion into our practice. Do you have a story, research study, organization, or community that you think philanthropy can learn from?
  • Research-to-Practice: As a university-based center on philanthropy, the Johnson Center is committed to using sound, scholarly research to create practical tools and learning for our sector. We welcome guest posts that demonstrate how applied research can empower community problem solving.
  • Data-Informed Decision Making: We believe in using reliable data to drive organizational and community decisions. Consider submitting a post that examines how philanthropy uses data to better understand itself and to improve the quality and efficacy of our work.