Learning for Good

Learning for Good
Effective philanthropy is not static.
To address the challenges we face as a society, we have to be willing to experiment, to evolve our strategies and our practice.

We have to learn; and we have to be prepared to use what we learn to improve our programs, our giving, and how we measure change.

Philanthropic infrastructure organizations — like the Johnson Center — exist because of our sector’s deep desire to understand and strengthen the work we do so that we can advance our missions. That’s a goal we all share, and there are nonprofits, foundations, and donors everywhere who are committed to using learning for good.

In this collection, we present content that considers the value and practice of learning in philanthropy.

Looking for LearnPhilanthropy?

LearnPhilanthropy and LearnPhilanthropy Academy are projects of the Johnson Center that have now come to a close. You can still find great resources and tools to boost your skills and knowledge right here on the Johnson Center website, or by connecting with someone on the Johnson Center team — we're here to help! Call (616) 331-7585 or send us an email.

Learning for Good

The resources in this collection are designed to support organizational and personal learning in philanthropy. They represent the perspectives and expertise of diverse voices and organizations across the field.