Executive Coaching Program

In organizations of all sizes, executive leaders often struggle to find the support and camaraderie they need to do their best work. It’s lonely at the top. But it doesn’t have to be.

At the Johnson Center, our small-group Executive Coaching Program brings together a cohort of leaders from different backgrounds and experience levels to forge a professional support network that lasts well beyond our final session. By learning with — and from — each other over the course of seven weeks, we find new ways to tackle intractable challenges within our organizations and embrace our own professional development.

This is an absolutely valuable experience that I would recommend to nonprofit executives of all experience levels. It was especially eye opening to learn from those with more experience, and so encouraging to hear the ups and downs of those in the same level of experience as I was.

– Executive Coaching Program Participant

Participants commit to meeting once a week for seven weeks. During our two-and-a-half-hour sessions, we’ll dig into the theories, best practices, and dialogues that can enrich and enhance your role. Each session’s exercises and conversations will be guided by the group’s specific needs, experiences, and challenges. And throughout the program, your curriculum will be facilitated by a certified coach, Tamela Spicer, who brings a wealth of experience in the nonprofit sector to her role as your guide.

This coaching group provided camaraderie, support, and empirical, hands on guidance in how to better lead your organization. I highly recommend it.

– Mary Dailey Brown, President/CEO of SowHope

The 2010 study “Coaching and Philanthropy” — from Grantmakers for Effective Organizations, BTW Informing Change, Leadership that Works, and CompassPoint Nonprofit Services — demonstrated that executive coaching can help nonprofit leaders gain greater self-awareness, increase their professional confidence, and provide a clearer understanding of roles, resources, and how to approach leadership challenges. By providing a safe space for reflection, guidance, and self-directed learning, the Johnson Center’s Executive Coaching program can help you embrace your leadership with confidence and support.

Cost: $499 per participant
Groups are limited to 12 participants per session.

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Photo: Tamela Spicer


Tamela Spicer is a certified coach as well as the nonprofit services program manager at the Johnson Center. She specializes in organizational structure, fund development, strategic planning, and faith-based organizations. Read more about Tamela.