Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
Building Communities Where Everyone Belongs
Smart, adaptive, and effective philanthropy helps to create strong, inclusive communities.

We hold a core conviction that the principles of diversity, equity, and inclusion form the bedrock of thriving communities and must be integral to the everyday practice of philanthropy.

Still, our field suffers from the same systemic issues of racial inequity, injustice, and white privilege that afflict every sector of our society. Countless individuals and organizations have called on all of us to do better. These calls come from the same place as philanthropy itself: a love for humankind.

We are committed to continuing this work with intentionality, humility, and persistence. Research, competency-based professional development, and community engagement efforts lead the way.

The Juan Olivarez Learning Equity Endowment

The Juan Olivarez Learning Equity Endowment provides professional learning opportunities and strategic services at little or no cost to small nonprofits that have traditionally had challenges accessing resources. Through shared classrooms and unique programs, this endowment will touch the lives and missions of many nonprofit leaders at once — encouraging a community that strives together and thrives together. We invite you to join us in building a collaborative and effective philanthropic sector by supporting this endowment and its mission of equitable capacity-building. Make your gift today. 

Research and Initiatives for
Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Our teams strive to integrate diversity, equity, and inclusion into our work — through applied research, competency-based professional development, resources, and tools to advance your philanthropy.