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Report // Giving Circle Membership

How Collective Giving Impacts Donors
Report // Giving Circle Membership

Cover Thumbnail: Giving Circle Membership: How Collective Giving Impacts Donors - Executive Summary - November 2018In November 2018, the Collective Giving Research Group (co-founded by Jason Franklin, Ph.D., the first holder of the W.K. Kellogg Community Philanthropy Chair) released the second in a series of three reports. Giving Circle Membership: How Collective Giving Impacts Donors looks at how giving circle participation influences their members and explores how established members differ from new ones.

Key findings include:

  • Newer giving circle members tend to be more diverse in terms of age, income, and race.
  • Newer members join giving circles for the opportunity to engage more deeply on a cause or issue; more established members cite the ability to leverage gifts and “fun” as primary reasons for participation.
  • The report affirms previous research that giving circle members give more, give more strategically and proactively, give to a wider array of organizations, volunteer more, and are more likely to engage in civic activity.

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