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Report // Latinx Data Report

From VoiceGR 2016 & VoiceKent 2017
Report // Latinx Data Report

Cover Thumbnail: Latinx Data Report: From VoiceGR 2016 & VoiceKent 2017Inclusive growth is about ensuring prosperity for all. It’s about decreasing inequities and creating pathways to economic success for all residents in a community.

To bring these inequities to light, we need to look at data that are disaggregated (i.e., broken down) by race and ethnicity. Looking at overall population numbers is not enough. Averages frequently don’t tell the whole story — in fact, they often obscure the different realities that people in the same community experience.

Disaggregated data, on the other hand, can help us understand where and why inequities exist, and can help guide us toward more effective solutions to the challenges we see in our communities. The Johnson Center’s Latinx Data Report specifically details Latinx responses to the VoiceKent 2017 and VoiceGR 2016 surveys, and how those responses vary from other major racial groups. The purpose of the report is to understand Greater Grand Rapids’ Latinx residents’ perceptions and experiences on a variety of topics.

The VoiceGR and VoiceKent surveys gathered information on topics such as housing, education, health, and food accessibility from residents in the greater Grand Rapids area and Kent County, Michigan. respectively.

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