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Webinar // Welcoming and the Sustainable Development Goals

Advancing Inclusion Through Community Philanthropy
Webinar // Welcoming and the Sustainable Development Goals

Inclusive communities don’t just happen; they require intentionality and collaboration. At the forefront of this work is Welcoming America, a national nonprofit that supports communities in building a welcoming society where every person, including immigrants, can fully contribute to and shape our shared prosperity.

Their work is guided by a comprehensive goals-oriented framework called the Welcoming Standard. In alignment with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the Welcoming Standard outlines the core of what it means for a community to be truly welcoming, ensuring the sustainable implementation of welcoming principles and practices.

Watch our conversation with representatives from the Community Foundation for Southeast Michigan, the Michigan Immigrants Rights Center, and Welcoming America to learn how community philanthropy and multi-sector stakeholders can collectively build inclusive, welcoming communities where everyone can belong, thrive, and prosper.


  • Daniel Valdez, Welcoming America
  • Surabhi Pandit, Community Foundation for Southeast Michigan
  • Christine Sauve, Michigan Immigrant Rights Center
  • Larry McGill, Ambit 360

MODERATOR: Michael Layton, Johnson Center for Philanthropy

Original recording date: August 25, 2022