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  • VoiceGR

    An annual community survey designed uniquely to connect demographics with opinions and perceptions of greater Grand Rapids area residents.

  • LearnPhilanthropy

    A marketplace of knowledge, tools, and connections for newcomers. Navigate the field, learn with peers and thought leaders, and improve your grant making.

  • Our State of Generosity

    An online platform to share Michigan’s philanthropic history. Discover milestones that made the state a leader, and get tools for effective philanthropy.

  • Community Profiles 2.0

    Explore housing and economics data in Grand Rapids with this interactive mapping and demographic snapshot tool.


Latest News & Featured Work

  • Giving Tuesday: Is it worth it?

    By Roberta King, Grand Rapids Community Foundation

    Roberta King, Grand Rapids Community Foundation

    Earlier this week it was Giving Tuesday and Grand Rapids social media was all a buzz with giving promotion and nonprofit endorsements. Even if you don’t “do” Facebook, you might have received an email or two from a nonprofit that you support. Very savvy …

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  • Election Results Show Low Trust in Most Institutions

    by Kyle Caldwell

    Whom do we believe? The major take-away from last week’s election was that voters do not see the traditional institutions leading the changes they want to see. But are all institutions evaluated equally? It’s a great question to ponder as we face some critical decision points in our society. Our nation is split along …

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