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2019 National Summit on Family Philanthropy

2019 National Summit on Family Philanthropy

Our Donor Journeys and Why They Matter

The fifth and final National Summit on Family Philanthropy was held in Fort Lauderdale, Fla., on January 28 and 29, 2019, led by the Founding Frey Foundation Chair for Family Philanthropy, Michael Moody, Ph.D.

The event offered donors the opportunity to reflect on their philanthropic journeys, learn about the fascinating paths taken by others, and explore lessons learned along the way. Hear from donors about their personal giving journeys and watch all three plenary discussions from the 2019 National Summit on Family Philanthropy through Summit Replay.

The 2019 Summit marked the launch of the Donor Journeys Initiative, an integrated suite of projects to help donors evaluate and analyze their donor journeys. The initiative aims to advance family philanthropy’s understanding and maximization of diverse donor journeys in specific and complementary ways.

Speakers Included:

Anna and Raj Asava, Indian American Council for Food Banks
Betsy Brill, Strategic Philanthropy
Katie Collins, Fidelity Charitable
Paige Cornetet, Millennial Guru
Dawn and Chris Fleischner, Arts, Equity, & Education Fund
Ellie Frey Zagel Frey Foundation & Successful Generations
Valaida Fullwood, New Generation of African American Philanthropists
Liebe and Seth Gadinsky, Miami Foundation
Jeanné Isler, National Committee for Responsive Philanthropy
Dottie Johnson, F. Martin and Dorothy A. Johnson Family Fund
Lee Ippolito Jurewitz, Ippolito Charitable Foundation of Galveston
Kim Kaupe, Andrus Family Fund
Colleen Durbin Mitchell, Venture3Philanthropy
Juan Olivarez, Dorothy. A. Johnson Center for Philanthropy
Lisa Parker, Lawrence Welk Family Foundation
David Roswell, Roswell Foundation
A. Sparks, Masto Foundation
Polo Reo Tate, R.E. Olds Foundation
Heidi Yewman, Women Donors Network


Event Sponsors:

The Frey Foundation
Kate and Richard Wolters Foundation
Max M. & Marjorie S. Fisher Foundation
Fidelity Charitable
Martin and Dorothy A. Johnson Family Fund
Robins Foundation