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Webinar // A Data-Informed Dialogue on DAF Payout

Webinar // A Data-Informed Dialogue on DAF Payout

Donor-Advised Funds (DAFs) are among the fastest-growing tools available to donors as a vehicle for managing their charitable giving. DAFs, and specifically DAF payout rates, have also been the subject of much recent conversation and debate as leaders inside and outside our sector consider how philanthropic dollars are best activated when there is so much community need.

The Council of Michigan Foundations (CMF) partnered with the Dorothy A. Johnson Center for Philanthropy to develop critical research around the account-level activity of DAFs held by Michigan-based community foundations to understand what the data tells us about DAF payout rates within our community of philanthropy. The resulting study is among the most in-depth snapshots of DAF activity available to the field to date.

This national conversation with foundation peers and the leaders and researchers from CMF and the Johnson Center explores the study’s key findings and considers how these knowledge insights can inform foundation policies, practices, and grantmaking goals in our efforts to support equitable thriving communities.

• Regina Bell, Council of Michigan Foundations

• Kyle Caldwell, Council of Michigan Foundations
• Brittany Kienker, Council of Michigan Foundations
• Jeff Williams, Johnson Center for Philanthropy
• David Biemesderfer, United Philanthropy Forum
• Joanne Florino, Philanthropy Roundtable
• Jenn Holcomb, Council on Foundations
• Deborah Ellwood, CFLeads
• Isaiah Oliver, Community Foundation of Greater Flint
• Dave Mengebier, Grand Traverse Regional Community Foundation

Original recording date: July 22, 2021