Nonprofit Board Certification

Guidance for Strengthening Your Board Service

The Nonprofit Board Certificate Program offers guidance for those serving or planning to serve on nonprofit boards. Our program defines the roles and responsibilities for board service.

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I went through this program years ago — it changed my life! This program really gave me insight and knowledge to serve effectively as an elected official. I highly recommend it!

– Monica Sparks, Kent County Commissioner

The one-time, four-hour program covers topics including:

Roles and Responsibilities of Being on a Board
  • Prevalence and impact of nonprofit organizations
  • How nonprofit organizations operate
  • Board roles and responsibilities
Legal Responsibilities and Liabilities of the Board
  • The nonprofit organization as a legal entity
  • The legal “duties” and responsibilities of board members
  • Legal liabilities of board members
  • Sarbanes-Oxley and nonprofit board service
Nonprofit Fundraising and the Board
  • Revenue sources of nonprofit organizations
  • Donor motivations
  • Truths about fundraising
  • Prospecting individual donors
Nonprofit Financial Management and Board Structures
  • Evolving issues facing nonprofits and their boards
  • Nonprofit and for-profit finances: What are the differences?
    •  Nonprofit income statement
    •  Nonprofit audits
    •  IRS Form 990
  • Nonprofit Board Committees and Taskforces
    •  Elected position
    •  Recruitment

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