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On March 9, 2017, The Foundation Review presented a webinar based on the article “Laying the Groundwork for a National Impact Marketplace.” Contact Pat Robinson if you are a subscriber and would like to view the recording.

Open Access Webinars:

Embrace Your Inner Publisher

Gabriela Fitz and Nicolette Lodico, September 15, 2015. Based on the article in The Foundation Review Vol. 7 Iss 2.

Aligning Grants with Strategy

Lori Fuller, Dec. 4, 2014. Based on the article in The Foundation Review Vol. 6 Iss. 3.

Inside Foundation Evaluation

With: Julia Coffman and Tanya Beer

Learning as Strategy

With: Patricia Patrizi and Elizabeth Heid Thompson

Network Principles for Collaboration Success

With: Jane Wei-Skillern, Ph.D.

Impact Investing: Lessons from the Field

With: Amy Cheney, VP for Giving Strategies, Kathy Merchant, and Robert Killins

College Access Network: Collective Impact Revisited

With: Nathan Daun-Barnett, Ph.D. and Jeff Cohen, M.B.A.

Tactics in Philanthropy: The Case of the Moving Spotlight

With: Dan Martin and Alan Holt

Building the Capacity of Networks to Achieve System Change

With: Doug Easterling, Ph.D., Sandra Mikush, and Gayle Williams