Photo collage of Juan Olivarez, Micah Foster, Brandy Lovelady Mitchell, and Paul Doyle

Equity in the COVID-19 Crisis: Part One of Two

This post features an excerpt of an article originally published by KConnect in the first of a two-part blog series, Equity in the COVID-19 Crisis. Focusing on how structural inequity shows up in healthcare, education, and jobs and income, the series features our own Dr. Juan Olivarez, …

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Screenshot of a Home Safari video from the Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden showing a female zoo staffer holding an African pygmy falcon (photo courtesy of the Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden)

Capacity Building for Resilience Part 1: Stories of Creative Capacity Amidst COVID-19

by Tamela Spicer

As a vital part of the American economy, the viability of the nonprofit sector is only as strong as the organizations themselves, and that strength has been in question for several years. In the State of the Nonprofit Sector Survey 2018, 57% …

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Aerial photograph of a suburban neighborhood sharing a border with rural farmland

Equity Mapping Tools Combine the Power of Data and Narrative Change

by Kallie Bauer and Rachel Borashko

Philanthropy and technology are changing rapidly, and as more and more data become available, the need for easy-to-use, accessible tools for organizing and interpreting that data is becoming more urgent. More organizations are now answering that call through a combination …

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Photo of a glass jar turned on its side with coins spilling out

In the Time of Coronavirus: Nonprofits, Cash, and Lifelines

by Jeff Williams and Tamela Spicer

How many Michigan charitable, 501(c)(3) nonprofits have two or more months of cash on hand to cover normal, average monthly expenses — and what should organizations at risk be doing now?

That was our follow-on question to the Johnson Center’s recent post about …

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Photo: Spring flowers bloom in front of Henry Hall on Grand Valley State University’s Allendale, Mich. campus. Photographer: Amanda Pitts

Challenging times require smart, adaptive philanthropy.

The Latest Issue of The Foundation Review

by Teri Behrens

As I write this, I — like many of you — have been working from home for several weeks as COVID-19 continues to ravage the world, but glimmers of hope are appearing. We’re seeing infection and mortality rates slow down as physical …

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Photo of Leslie Starsoneck via webcam

Meet Leslie Starsoneck, the Johnson Center’s New Director of Learning Services

The Johnson Center is proud to announce that Leslie Starsoneck has joined our team as director of learning services. Tory Martin, director of communications and engagement, spoke with Leslie to learn a bit more about her professional background and vision for the Johnson Center’s professional …

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Photo of six members of the 2020 Grand Rapids Neighborhood Summit committee sitting behind a check-in table with welcome bags and other information set out for attendees.

Growing Justice and Community: the Grand Rapids Neighborhood Summit and Supporting Community in a Time of Crisis

by Rachel Borashko

Last month, I was fortunate to have the opportunity to present at the 2020 Grand Rapids Neighborhood Summit and, frankly, I wasn’t sure what I was walking into. My colleague, Kevin Peterson, has been a long-time attendee, …

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Increased Attention to Sustainable Development Goals

by Jamie DeLeeuw and Teri Behrens

Global philanthropy’s engagement with the U.N.’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) has escalated in recent years. The number of donor dollars is climbing, and more organizations are using the SDGs to develop strategies and evaluate success.

In the midst of this global pandemic, the goals may offer …

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Photo: Close-up of a woman's hands pulling one hundred dollar bills out of a wallet

In the Time of Coronavirus: What the Data Say About the Risk to Michigan Nonprofits

by Jeff Williams

In chaotic times, leading an organization or board of directors and being responsible for charting a clear course forward for clients, employees, and the community becomes more crucial — and more challenging.

Mental models or frameworks can be a useful …

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Photo of a woman sitting on a couch in her home, working on her laptop

In the Time of Coronavirus: Resources to Support Professional Learning from Home

by Tory Martin

Many of us in philanthropy look forward to spring’s “conference season” as an opportunity to connect with far-flung colleagues and hone new skills. Yet this spring is different. The list of cancelled conferences and professional development courses is long, and likely to …

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