Photo of a traffic sign partly submerged in water in a flooded area

Philanthropy Will Be On the Front Lines of Climate Change

by Teri Behrens and Tory Martin

The impacts of global warming will not be felt as individual, discrete events; rather, they will affect every issue we already care about in complex and immediate ways. And as the effects of climate change become more increase, nonprofits and funders …

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Photo of a glass jar overturned on a table with coins spilling out

Tainted Money and Tainted Donors: A Growing Crisis?

by Michael Moody and Michael Pratt

New examples of the “tainted donor” or “tainted money” problem seem to keep popping up — the philanthropy of the Sackler family and Jeffrey Epstein, for example. Some even argue that the “cleanliness” of any money gained through capitalist practices should be considered …

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Photo of two young businesswomen sitting at a table in a conference room talking to two other businesswomen

Millennials in the Nonprofit Workforce Present Challenges and Opportunities

by Teri Behrens and Tory Martin

Millennials are the most diverse U.S. generation ever to enter the workforce and, as of this year, they’ll make up more than half of it. This generation’s desire for greater flexibility, transparency, and meaning in their work is reshaping how nonprofit workplaces …

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Collaboration and Consolidation in Philanthropy’s Infrastructure

by Teri Behrens and Tory Martin

A desire for greater impact and partnership is driving more of philanthropy’s infrastructure organizations to combine their efforts — and sometimes their staff. However, research suggests another possible motive for these changes: a lack of sustainable, significant funding for the work. Behrens and Martin explore …

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Photo of a man walking on a sidewalk in front of a brick wall with graffiti and the word "Good" painted on it

Increasing Critiques of (Big) Philanthropy

by Michael Moody and Tory Martin

It’s an increasingly common topic of discussion about — and within — our sector: has philanthropy has gone awry? These critiques are important and provocative appeals to hold big donors and major institutions accountable in a democratic society. Yet, some critics may run the risk of …

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Photo of a man sitting at a table with two laptops, each showing charts of data.

Data Science for Social Impact

by Adriana Paz

Philanthropy’s embrace of data science has been slow, held back by limited resources, infrastructure, and staffing. However, a number of philanthropists and nonprofit organizations are using their resources to grow the pool of professional data scientists and support other nonprofits as they adopt data-informed decision making.

Adriana Paz takes a …

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Trends 2020

11 Trends in Philanthropy for 2020: Anticipate and Embrace What’s Next

What place should philanthropy hold in a democratic society?

Across our field, in politics, in business, and in our communities, Americans are questioning the very nature of philanthropy and probing its core value. These questions ask who has the responsibility — or the right — to …

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Cover of InDEEP session booklet

InDEEP Initiative Combines Environmental Impact With Racial Equity in Philanthropy

by Vanessa Farrell

At a recent gathering of the Embedding Equity Community of Practice (EECoP), a program of the InDEEP Initiative, Matt Wisniewski, senior program officer at the S.D. Bechtel Jr. Foundation, mused that one of the reasons racial equity was important to him was that he …

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Photo of an hourglass on a table next to a stack of coins

Foundations are No Longer Wedded to the Long Game

by Teri Behrens

As Teri Behrens writes in this final piece from our 11 Trends in Philanthropy for 2019 report, limited-life foundations and program exits (wherein a foundation closes out a line of work or funding) are becoming increasingly common. Still, this phenomenon is nascent enough that little …

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Determining the Future of #OurNeighborhoods

by Seema Agnani

My organization, the National Coalition for Asian Pacific American Community Development (National CAPACD), recently launched the #OurNeighborhoods anti-displacement toolkit.

The first of its kind, this online resource was developed to provide grassroots organizers in Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) neighborhoods with tools to support their work, including an analysis …

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