Deeper thinking about philanthropy issues that you can’t get from other sources. — subscriber survey comment

About the Survey

Nine hundred and eighty eight contacts of The Foundation Review (subscribers, readers, and participants in affiliated programs) with valid individual email addresses were invited to participate in an online survey. One hundred and twenty one responded for a response rate of 12 percent. The findings will be used to help improve the journal by better understanding readers’ professional backgrounds, what readers want, and to help advertisers better identify products and services that may be helpful to readers.

For more information contact Dr. Teri Behrens, editor in chief, at or 616-331-7585.

The Foundation Review Audience

Readers’ Primary Job Responsibilities

97 percent of survey respondents rated the quality of the journal’s content as an important or very important feature in making a decision to purchase it.

The Foundation Review helps subscribers in their work.

  • 80 percent learn about innovations.
  • 72 percent identify and track trends.
  • 31 percent get help implementing programs by learning from others’ mistakes.
  • 46 percent read news of partnerships and collaborations.
  • 34 percent identify and/or research new networks and partners.

Survey respondents rated journal articles as somewhat or very valuable:

  • Reflections from experienced practitioners in philanthropy – 78 percent
  • Tools that have been used successfully by others – 84 percent
  • Reports on the implementation and results of foundation supported programs – 84 percent
  • Reports on the philanthropic sector in general – 81 percent
  • Reviews of books and other resources – 57 percent